First Time in Your Store
I was very satisfied with everything I saw in the store. Recently moved back from North Dakota and had been in two Harley Davidson stores out in Minot, ND and Fargo, ND. I enjoyed your store a little more and that's because my favorite motorcycle was sitting right in front to greet me. The legend THE FAT BOY. Anyways, as my father and I made our way around the store we were impressed with the articles of clothing that were on hand and that there were plenty of sizes ranging from Small all the way to 4X in some cases. It's nice to see that everyone has a real chance to partake in some fine riding gear on hand and not have to wait for the item. I myself just purchased a pair of riding gloves since my last ones were taken out to pasture. Hahaha. Just really happy with your store and my first time trip. (Employee: John Roach)
Levi Martinez
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